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From gloss to lipstick, these makeup staples may add color to your overall look, and often have nourishing benefits.
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Floral Bodysuits from Femelle Beauty Collective
Esperanza and Kamali, Chicago
Instagram @collectfemelle
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#darkandlovely #aunaturale x #everydaypeople with @estieespe @malikamolly @collectfemelle (at www.youtube.com/donedo05)
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Kamali, Chicago
Vintage floral swimwear and black sheer robe
@malikamolly @collectfemelle
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I put girls in NY onto DKNY Miami, D.C. prefer Versace. All Philly girls, dough with Moschino. Every cutie wit a booty bought a Coogi.
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Thrifted teddy, thrifted pink linen skirt, Akira necklace, Giuseppe Zanotti booties
Kamali, Chicago
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Victoria’s Secret bustier, thrifted denim shorts, Jessica Simpson patent leather heels, sunglasses from Nordstrom
Beware of the anger of the body.
Master the body. Let it serve truth.
by  Buddha (via

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