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Reblog - 0 notesCome shop with me tonight between 6PM and 9PM at 1519 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608. Contact femellecollective@gmail for details. 
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Floral Bodysuits from Femelle Beauty Collective
Esperanza and Kamali, Chicago
Instagram @collectfemelle
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#darkandlovely #aunaturale x #everydaypeople with @estieespe @malikamolly @collectfemelle (at www.youtube.com/donedo05)
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Kamali, Chicago
Vintage floral swimwear and black sheer robe
@malikamolly @collectfemelle

Haute Head!

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Inspired by the talented Solange Knowles and her fabulous big hair, I decided to add extension to my natural mane. I’ve always believed that if I was going to spend money on virgin human hair extension, they were going to be of the straight persuasion and blow ever so lightly in the wind as I pranced down the street. Well, as a woman with natural…

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Day Play in Lingerie!

Day Play in Lingerie!

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Lingerie is typically reserved for the boudoir to stimulate passion, or hidden and concealed underneath clothing. This is unfortunate because there is an array of beautiful intimate apparel that is never seen by anyone other than the wearer, or a lover. Lingerie has the ability to make one feel sensuous, confident, and empowered; crafted to look…

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Aromatic Seduction

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Enlist the power of kindled creamy vanilla scented candles, soft yellow petals of ylang ylang sprinkled meticulously throughout the boudoir, and the fresh essence of bergamot floating seductively in the air to create a romantic and aromatic atmosphere.

First used by ancient civilizations like the Egyptians of Africa, essential oils extracted…

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